The Real Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore by Jersey Shore Photographers

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The best of the Jersey Shore, wrapped in a hardcover book. This collector’s item features fine-art photos by local photographers as selected by area residents.

The Real Jersey Shore is a unique approach to fine-art book publishing. An online community of local photographers submitted photos to be considered for this book. Then, area residents voted to determine which photos would be published. From thousands of submissions to hundreds of thousands of votes, Jersey Shore residents helped our editors pick the very best to be featured in this book.

  • By Dane Schmidt
    By Dane Schmidt
  • By Mike Attanasio
    By Mike Attanasio
  • By Michael Jagendorf
    By Michael Jagendorf
  • By Rachel Carbone
    By Rachel Carbone
  • By Ray Yeager
    By Ray Yeager
  • By Alex Tumusok
    By Alex Tumusok
  • By James Loesch
    By James Loesch
  • By Bob Cuthbert
    By Bob Cuthbert
  • By Diane Stachura Desimini
    By Diane Stachura Desimini
  • By Tom Berg
    By Tom Berg
  • By John Bellingham
    By John Bellingham

Note: images on this promotional page may not appear in final product.

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